Social responsibility

In accordance with the terms of Subsoil Use Contract, Company has paid a Recognition bonus in the amount of 10 million dollars. As agreed with Kyzylorda Region and Kyzylorda city local administrations, “KAZPETROL GROUP” company contributes to the strengthening of population health, development of education, culture and sports, participates in social and economic development of the region and acts as a reliable partner in the formation of a stable and favorable social environment in the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole.

For the period of its operation on the Contract (starting 2006), Company has invested 1,76 bln tenge ($6,5 million) to social and economic development of the Kyzylorda region. All liabilities for the period of 2011-2022, in the amount of $1 720 404 838 тенге ($3 736 111.9)  Company has performed in full and in a timely manner, by directing finances to local funds for the region.

In addition, in 2010 the Company transferred an amount of $ 1.8 mln. to Astana Fund for Development.

In 2012 Kyzylorda football club “Kaisar” was funded by the company to take part in the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan among the Premier League clubs, as well as the children and youth football teams, to be part of the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the amount of support was $20 000.

Total investment by the company within 16 years is 78 bln tenge (more than $300 mln).

During the pandemic, the company provided social assistance to the region (medicines, medical equipment, products) totaling 113 million tenge ($274 thousand)

In 2022, in addition to social contributions in the amount of 1,643,664,611.00 tenge (over $3.5 million), the company initiated and supported social projects in the amount of 111,305,714.30 tenge ($242 thousand).

The company has developed programs to provide material assistance to employees, as well as two additional social programs for employees with big families.

Company is in full compliance with the legislations and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of industrial safety and environmental protection, and implements a system of measures aimed at achieving the level of the best international standards in this area to prevent possible accidents at work, and to reduce possible negative impact on human health and the environment.

Company adheres to the Code of Business Ethics by regulating the activities of the Company in the field of business ethics, health, safety and environmental protection, control and finance, company relations with employees, shareholders and the third-party organizations.