Employment Fraud

Fraud in employment might be in the form of various messages from information resources such as emails, SMS messages or emails received on behalf of individuals/groups who pretend to represent the Company.

Do not send any money and do not share your personal information to anybody who offersa job at the Company LLP «KAZPETROL GROUP». If you have applied for a job through the company website, it means we have all the necessary information.

If you are not sure of the authenticity of a message you received, please note the following information:

  • “KAZPETROL GROUP” never makes a job offer without a formal interview.

  • Company never requires money or fee of any kind in the process of selection and recruitment.

  • LLP “KAZPETROLGROUP” web pages address always contains:  http://www.kzpg.kz
  • Check the address of the e-mail you received. “KAZPETROL GROUP’s” company e-mail address must end with “@kzpg.kz”

If you have any doubt in regard to the authenticity of a message you received, please contact  resume_hr@kzpg.kz.