Environmental protection

Environmental protection team has been organized from the very beginning of operating activities of the Company (EP). This division is one of the cornerstones that forms the business and social climate of “KAZPETROL GROUP”’s overall activities. Therefore, the Company confirms its commitment to the goals on environmental protection in the region.

Company’s management system in the field of environmental protection is based on the following principles:
  • Proposal and implementation of initiatives, which regulate the relations in the field of protection, restoration and preservation of the environment, the use and reproduction of natural resources in the implementation of economic and other activities related to the use of natural resources and environmental impacts within the contractual territory and region as a whole;
  • Direction to the continuous improvement of environmental indicators with the purpose to prevent pollution in the future and to achieve Company's goals on provision of a favorable environment for people and their health;
  • Improving transparency and openness in dialogues with NGOs, communities and public authorities in all aspects related to EP;

  • Compliance of  environmental regulation conditions with the social and economic development, depending on the state of environment;

  • Application of the best ecologically clean and resource-saving technologies in the use of natural resources and when having any environmental impact;

  • Strictly observance of standards and legislative provisions in the field of environmental protection;
  • Harmonization of environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the principles and norms of international law.

Oil company TOO «KAZPETROL GROUP" is one of the youngest and most successful companies, which operates in the contract area, located in Syrdarya district of Kyzylorda region. The purpose of environmental protection is a need to harmonize operations on oil production with maintaining quality of the environment.  

Company operates in accordance with the Environmental Code and aims at reducing  negative impacts of industrial activities on the health of workers, to ensure protection of health of employees and people who reside in the areas of activity of company production facilities, as well as to  preserve a favorable natural environment by reducing waste materials and industrial emissions.

For the period of its existence,  company has achieved the following results:

  • In order to reduce the impact of production processes on the environment, the Company annually allocates significant funds for environmental protection measures, the introduction of resource-saving technologies and processes that meet international standards. These activities, provided for by the relevant Plan and agreed with the Department of Ecology of the Kyzylorda region of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, are being implemented in full and on time. So, for example, if in 2019 the development of funds allocated for environmental protection amounted to 298.04 million tenge, then in 2020 the figure amounted to 181.9 million tenge.

  • Environmentally safe use of associated gas produced in its fields is one of the priorities of the Company. Company has developed special development and processing Programs on associated gas for each deposit and activities of these programs are being performed in a timely manner.
  • Company regularly registers all types, quantity and origin of waste generated in the process of operating activities. All production waste and consumption is being removed by a specialized company on a contract basis.