Internship for Students at “KAZPETROL GROUP”

If you are a senior student of the Higher Education Institution, you are eligible to join the team of professionals of “KAZPETROL GROUP”. In accordance with the proposed program of the Internship for senior students, with the duration of one to two months, you will get a practical experience in your specialty.

During Internship you will work in one of the departments of the Company next to the experienced staff. Internship will give you the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and experience, and will help improve your professional skills that are necessary for your future career growth.

Below you can find useful information on the process of student Internship:

  • Internship at “KAZPETROL GROUP” allows you to get practical experience. Internship will take place in one of the departments of the Company.

  • According to existing procedure, students of Kazakhstani Universities – Kazakh citizens, at the age of 18+ can be admitted to the Internship.

  • Duration of the Internship for students of the last two years of study is one month, but pre-diploma Internship period can be extended by another month in case the topic of the thesis is related to the “KAZPETROL GROUP” project.

  • “KAZPETROL GROUP” will only consider candidates with an average academic performance rating of not less than four(4) points for the entire period of study.

  • “KAZPETROL GROUP” reserves the right to select the best students based on their academic performance rating and results of the interviews.

  • The number of positions by specialties is determined in accordance with the requests from relevant departments.

For all questions in regard to senior student Internaship at “KAZPETROL GROUP”, please contact your dean's office or the person who is responsible for student Internship at your University.