Rotation Camp

4 june 2021

The spring of 2021 has become special for our company – our colleagues, production workers have successfully completed the process of moving to a new rotational camp. This is an objectively significant event for all of us. We can say with pride and without false modesty that our shift camp has practically no analogues in our country, and moreover, there are not so many such progressive shift camps in the world that meet all the requirements of modernity. This event is even more remarkable because it coincided with the holy month of Ramadan.


When we arrived at the rotation camp, we were simply bursting with pride and joy for us, for the guys on the contract territory! It was with great pleasure that we walked around the town, visited different buildings and were extremely delighted with what we saw: all the details were taken into account, the quality is at the highest level, it feels like this is not a rotational camp, but a high-class hotel.

It was very pleasant to watch the emotions of the guys moving to new homes. Some filmed videos and sent them to their families, and some even contacted directly and took an online tour – everyone had glee, joy and pride on their faces.

Congratulations to all those involved in the construction with the successful completion of a grandiose project, colleagues in the rotational camp with a housewarming party!




PS: Construction began in July 2019 and, despite the pandemic and other difficulties, construction was completed with a slight deviation from its plan.

The rotational camp has everything you need for a full and comfortable stay:

1.       4 dormitories with 64 beds, where the rooms look like hotel rooms;

2.       Hotel for business travelers and guests for 10 places;

3.       An excellent free-standing gym, where there is table tennis and exercise equipment, a hall for playing volleyball, basketball and football;

4.      The administrative building has exceptional design and indeed convenient, with nice offices, a kitchen and a conference room;

5.       Bath and laundry center is equipped with German equipment and there is a sauna for workers;

6.       The dining room has a VIP area for management and guests, and the dining room itself looks like a nice cafe;

7.       We are especially proud of the water treatment plant and first-aid post, with an ambulance;

8.       Fire station and car wash, storage facilities – everything looks modern and beautiful;

9.       There is a helicopter landing pad and, of course, an equipped modern checkpoint.


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