Celebration of Nauryz

7 may 2019

Celebration of Nauryz

A special role and importance is given to corporate events in the world of business, since it is a proven fact that they contribute to the formation of a corporate culture. And when well organized, a corporate event is able to solve a lot of tasks for the company, like building team spirit, motivating employees to new achievements.

No doubt we all love holidays, as well as every single attribute connected with them. An interesting fact is that the preparation process for the celebration conveys us happy anticipation of the holiday!

LLP “KAZPETROL GROUP” held a corporate event in connection with the celebration of "Nauryz".


Considering the fact that employees spend most of their time at work, and that there is little time left for family matters, we invited not only company employees, but also their children, spouses, and company partners to the celebration. We understand that for many the family remains one of the main life goals. Thus, giving our employees the opportunity not only to take part in a corporate event, but also to spend this time with their family, we emphasize the importance of the personal values ​​of our employees. It is worth mentioning that the most valuable thing for us is that in the process of celebration, the family members of the employees get a unique opportunity to learn more about the company where their family members work.


This year it was decided to organize the event on our own. The script has been written by ourselves, and our colleagues acted as the MC of the events, and we even organized competitions where all departments were actively involved.

We can declare that the spring holiday “Nauryz” was a success: children were fully occupied with energetic games and contests organized by animators; an interesting and informative quiz was held on the topic of the “Nauryz” holiday – the questions were on the traditions of the Kazakh people; contests were held on the staging of certain traditions and ceremonies. Winners of the quiz and competition were awarded with valuable gifts and cups.


A big Yurt (portable nomad’s house) and Altybakan (swing) have been mounted on the territory where we held our celebration. Children and adults received a lot of positive emotions!

A festive dastarkhan (table) with traditional “Nauryz kozhe” (special soup cooked only for this holiday, which consists of 7 ingredients) was served for all inside of a beautiful Yurt.


After the official part of the event, where top managers of our company and partners gave speech, where we had an interesting quiz and stage contest, we had various sport competitions, like pulling rope, weight-lifting, had a spectacular flash mob by our kids, and finally we an Open Microphone was announced and several children of our employees performed dances and songs.

It seemed that even nature supported us – the day was wonderful, the weather was fabulous, and there was no wind, which is a regular thing for the region.

Congratulations to all on this wonderful holiday “Nauryz”, may your home be full of love and friendliness, success of our Company in the production of oil, prosperity and good luck to everyone!




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