General Director's Greeting

16 january 2023

Dear Colleagues,

The moment has come when we all open a new page in our life - 2023. We entered the new year with new great accomplishments. We can be proud of our achievements, that's for sure!

We moved fast into 2022! I am truly grateful for this year - it can safely be called another successful year for our business.

Thanks to our bold projects, our company entered the Forbes list of the 50 largest private companies in Kazakhstan for the first time! This is a huge achievement! We have done a lot of work with the Government, various organizations and associations, primarily to improve the work of subsoil users and get their support. Our colleagues were the most active in the working groups, we made a number of smart proposals to improve the legislation. We were heard and we were supported by other oil partners! For our small company, this is a significant victory!

Also in the outgoing year, we are completing our planned capital work, conducting and testing new types of technology in the field of geology and development.

I would like to note that our company team successfully performed at the international sports day in Zhitigara among the Kusto Group companies, where our colleagues were recognized as one of the best players in the tournament in various sports.

I thank all of you, dear colleagues, for diligence, perseverance, and professionalism! For us, as a team, a very important aspect is mutual understanding!

And we will continue our path to success: we will set ourselves new, more ambitious goals and achieve new victories. The foundation for this has already been laid, because thanks to our mutual efforts, we continue to show excellent results.



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