Football Kazpetrol Group vs KOP

17 may 2022

Dear colleagues,

On May 15, the first friendly football match took place between our company and the company KOR. In general, we plan to hold such matches regularly. After all, competitions are a very effective way to strengthen team spirit and unity.

Our company team comprised from office and shift workers:

1. Tazabekov Yerzhan

2. Kuanysh Daniyar;

3. Makhanbetzhan Ruslan;

4. Turym Nurlykhan

5. Yelemesov Zhanserik

6. Mazhitov Askar;

7. Tokhmetov Ertai

8. Tleubaev Kanat;

9. Ungarov Rakhat;

10. Azhmoldaev Nurbol.

The game took place in two halves of 20 minutes each with a 10-minute break. Using the recommendation by Yerzhan Kakimovich epresentatives of each team took turns judging. Our colleagues judged the first half of the game, and the second half was judged by representatives of the KOR team.

The struggle was stubborn with varying success. In the first half, KOR managed to score 4 goals in the first five minutes! However, thanks to the right tactics and timely substitution of players, we scored 3 goals by the end of the first half.

In fact, the advantage in the first half was with the KOR team: they had more possession of the ball, were active in attack, and created more opportunities of attacks, but in the second half of the game our team showed itself to the fullest and the game ended with a score of 6:5 with our victory. By the score, one can understand that the struggle was stubborn and the rivals were indeed worth each other.

Thanks to the whole team for the game – your dedication and will to win did their job. We would especially like to note our colleagues from the field and express gratitude to them:

1. Kuanysh Daniyar;

2. Makhanbetzhan Ruslan;

3. Turym Nurlykhan

4. Yelemesov Zhanserik

5. Mazhitov Askar;

In general, the event can be called successful not only because it ended with our victory, but also because it is another great opportunity to get to know colleagues from another similar company. Perhaps we will expand the number of participating companies, perhaps we will add other sports, but one thing is for sure: we will have such meetings regularly!



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