19 january 2021

Compass – a unique format Gas stations: Express Market + gas station

In our previous articles, we have already written about the opening of gas stations of a modern format – Compass in Almaty and in Kyzylorda, which is also part of the group of companies Kusto. Today we want to share one more news: on December 25, 2020, on the 20th kilometer of the Almaty - Taldykorgan highway, the opening of the first in Kazakhstan international standard roadside complex – the COMPASS Comfort took place.

The gas station opening ceremony was attended by:

  1. Karsybekov Orazkhan – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Kazpetrol Group”;
  2. Kanat Kopbaev – shareholder of Kusto Group;
  3. Representatives of the regional akimat.

Unlike conventional COMPASS complexes, this format is designed for a long stay of guests (40-60 minutes) – refueling a car, visiting the toilet area, buying necessary goods on the road: from water, hygiene products to car oil, as well as a full meal in the dining area.

The COMPASS Comfort roadside service complex includes a gas station, a spacious parking lot for heavy vehicles and buses, a food court for 80 seats, Express Market with a large selection of goods and auto accessories, spacious toilets, shower rooms and a praying room.

In short, Compass is a place for rest and a place to get high level service!


The uniqueness of the format: the combination of a gas station (as a traffic generator) and a full-fledged retail space of a store + a cafe – gives a number of indisputable amenities and benefits to our customers, including saving money and time, receiving service and a product of the European level.

The task of the complex is to provide maximum comfort for clients during a long stay and provide a full range of services:

·        Spacious parking for heavy vehicles and buses (More than 40 places);

·        Food court for 80 seats from fast food to home-made food;

·        Recreation area, praying room, toilets, showers, laundry;

·        Shop with a wide range of goods and automobile accessories;

·        Provision of requirements for people with disabilities.

Characteristics of this gas station on the Almaty-Taldykorgan highway:

·        Access to WiFi;

·        Employment of 100 people;

·        Food court and shop area: 650 m2;

·        Total area of ​​the object: 2 hectares;

·        Parking area for heavy vehicles with 40 spots;

·        Parking area for small vehicles with 30 spjts;

·        Hotel;

·        Shower rooms;

·        Leisure Center;

·        Auto parts store.

Other infrastructure facilities:

·        Parking;

·        Shopping mall; • Shopping hall;

·         Cafe;

·        Mini-market;

·        Toilets (20 cabins);

·        Child care room;

·        Praying room.


The main task of Compass is to maintain high standards of quality and services, to ensure the development of a new direction of the service for comfortable rest of motorists, food consumption and the possibility of processing the necessary documents directly at the complex.

It is planned to develop new services with the help of partners:

·        Capsule hotel;

·        Auto parts store;

·        CarNet TIR;

·        Car wash;

·        Tire fitting;

·        Other services for clients.

And there are also plans to build such gas stations on the international transport corridors-highways of Kazakhstan.



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