Tournament in Zhitikara

10 october 2023

September 11 to 16, 2023 the XVII International Tournament in memory of Yerzhan Tatishev was held in the city of Zhitikara, Kostanay region, at the Kostanay plant. There were 4 teams competing for the title of the strongest and the fastest: Kusto KZ, Kusto World (KZPG), Kostanai Minerals, Zhitikara city administration.

Every day there were difficult and intense battles happening in different sport types at once. And our athletes from KZPG, Galaz and K, OSS and Kulan Security did their best and gave their all.



During the award ceremony, the Kusto World (KZPG) team was called to the podium first and was awarded the prize for first place in billiards.

The best billiard player award was given to our colleague Alzhanov Ermek!

The Kusto World (KZPG) team took:

·         2nd place in volleyball and shooting;

·         3rd place in darts and quiz;

·         4th place in football, basketball, chess, table tennis, cycling.

In the overall team competition, we took 4th place, Zhitikara city administration – 3rd place, Kusto KZ – 2nd place, and Kostanai Minerals took well deserved 1st place!

The best volleyball player award was taken by Zhanserik!

For us, this was the first, almost full-fledged tournament, where, for example, in football the whole team was composed by our colleagues!

This is an invaluable experience, where lessons were learned on how to play as a team, feel the team spirit. We clearly know now what are our mistakes, what must be strengthened and developed further, in order to be equal with the strong ones, as we believe that all our victories are still ahead – тек қана Алға!

Undoubtedly, the best sports uniform at the tournamnet was the KZPG corporate uniform!


Our KZPG live band was the best as they showed a memorable performance!

We want to say our sincere thanks to all our KZPG, Galaz and K, OSS, KBS, Kulan Security colleagues, who helped in organizing all the aspects for our team to take part in the International tournament!


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