Tech Garden Award

9 february 2023

Kazpetrol Group, which, according to Forbes, recently entered the top 50 largest private companies in Kazakhstan, received the Tech Garden Awards. The team became the best in the Asset Management and Resource Optimization nomination. The team of the oil and gas company was noted for the implementation of the Digital Smart Oilfield information collection and processing system.

The company has been recognized for its commitment to investing in advanced energy technologies.

Yerzhan Tazabekov, General Director of Kazpetrol Group, shared his impressions: "Our company, adhering to one of the main goals – to become a champion in cost saving, is constantly looking for new solutions to optimize and improve existing business processes. And in this direction, Digitalization of the field will advance management efficiency and expand the economics of the enterprise.

At the handing the award ceremony, the company was represented by the Field Director/Project Manager Dastan Soltybekov. He told us in detail about this project:

Kazpetrol Group’s automated information collection and processing system (ASSOI) is an operational management system that allows you to receive data from both wells and process facilities in real time, identify problems in a timely manner and make prompt decisions.

The international experience of implementing a digital field shows a significant increase in the oil recovery factor, an increase in the level of oil production, as well as a reduction and optimization of production costs.

Relying on modern technologies, we came to reduce losses in oil production by selecting the well operation mode using modern technologies, as well as improved the quality of measurements and calculations of reverse distribution.

Thanks to the ASSOI project, we are able to quickly respond to deviations in the operation of the system, remotely monitor wells and metering units, analyze losses and downtime in a quality manner, receive timely and reliable information during well construction, as well as online monitoring and analysis during drilling.

The project is being implemented in 3 stages:

•      Stage one: Retrofitting technological facilities for instrumentation and automation;

•      Stage two: Integration of I-mass with telemetry system and analytical tools;

•      Stage three: Intelligent production level management system and Predictive analytics using neural networks and artificial intelligence;

PDMS system

Information System PDMS is one of the main components of the CM.

It includes database management and applications for collecting, classifying and organizing operational data by facility.

The functionality of the PDMS system includes:

•      quality control of introductory information;

•      correction of initial data using mathematical models;

•      calculation of daily balances of facilities for individual fluids;

•      and inverse distribution of actual production rates per wells.

As a solution, Kazpetrol Group took as a basis the PDMS Imas technology from the Kazakh company BM Assembly.

This technology has been used by Russian companies in gas condensate fields since 2016. To expand the functionality of this technology, applicable to oil fields in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazpetrol Group launched an investment project that provides for the full integration of PDMS Imas with the infrastructure of the digital center, which will make it possible to effectively use automation data and optimize access to calculated data for users who perform:

•      production control;

•      hydrodynamic modeling of gathering networks and development facilities;

•      as well as the formation and provision of operational reports.

This award is of great importance for the company and all Kazpetrol Group employees who contribute to the success of the company. This award also recognizes the innovative leadership and rational vision of the company's management.




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