Munaishy: how oil was found in Kyzylorda

8 august 2022

This is a film about the formation of our local oil company “Kazpetrol Group” LLP. It is about how back in 2007-2008-s, when we drilled the first well with difficulty and it was successful, how we rejoiced like children; it is about the difficult path that our supportive team went through a 50-degree heat and cold, having steadfastly passed through three world crises, and still having saved jobs. It is about how we built and landscaped a modern camp for our shift workers, where there are beautiful and warm residential buildings, a library for self-development, a modern gym, a hamam bath, a laundry, and the dining room, where it is always clean and tasty! This is the result of the hard work of our shareholders and the entire workforce! You can watch it all in this documentary!


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