20 top geologists in the oil and gas industry for 2024

11 april 2024
111 recently published on its page the 20 top geologists in the oil and gas industry for 2024. We are proud to note that our two colleagues were included in this list!

Privalov Alexander Semenovich has been the Chief Geologist of KAZPETROL GROUP LLP since 2007. Has extensive experience in exploration, geology and development. Competently applies this knowledge in leadership work, paying attention to improving methods.

During his work at KAZPETROL GROUP LLP he made a great contribution to the process of establishment of the company is still contributing to its development, He is developing projects and schemes that increases the company's efficiency and minimizes risks. Provides practical and methodological assistance to heads of structural units on issues in geology. Alexander has created an effective team to achieve high performance. He is a mentor for young professionals. Under his leadership, during their work in the company, young specialists improved their qualifications, experience and knowledge.

Vladimir Valerievich Shin was also included into this list. Vladimir has more than 10 years of experience in the geological field in oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan. Currently he holds the position of chief geologist of TUMAR PETROL LLP (part of the Kusto Group holding).

Makes management decisions reasonably, quickly, on the basis of legislation and other regulations, guided by the interests of the Company. Conducted such work as an analysis of the current state of development of the company's fields and project documents, monitors the effectiveness of the applied production technologies and methods of influencing the formation and the bottomhole zone of the formation. Identified inconsistencies, analyzes and develops recommendations for improving development, coordinating work on the implementation of recommendations.

Vladimir systematically improves personal professional training and strives to acquire new knowledge. In 2023, he successfully completed the MBA program with a specialization in Oil and Gas Business Management at Moscow State University named after Gubkin.

We sincerely congratulate our colleagues on this significant achievement! We wish you success in your career, creative victories, inspiration and prosperity. Be happy and successful in everything, dare and achieve. It is difficult to overestimate your importance to our team. Thank you for your dedicated work!


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