Occupational Safety and Health

Industrial safety, labor protection, Civil defense and emergency situations

The company carries out technical provision, production planning and operational management of the industrial safety (IS), the labor protection (LP), the civil defense (CD) and the emergency situations (ES) while executing its production activities.

In its activities the Company is guided by existing legislative documents, normative legal acts, the Charter, Policy in the field of industrial safety, organizational and administrative documents of the company. 

  • Company exercises control over the observance of legislative and other normative legal acts of  IS, LP, CD and ES by the enterprise and its subdivisions, provides organizational and methodological support in the field of IS, LP, CD and ES;

  • Examines the working conditions at the workplace, prepares and makes offers on development and deployment of better ways and means of work;

  • Develops schedules of maintenance work on IS, LP, CD and ES in company.   

  • Supervises the activities of structural divisions on security in the implementation of enterprise core business;
  • Analyzes a condition of IS, LP, CD and ES in the company;

  • Develops actions directed to strengthening of IS, LP, CD and ES, and preventing the occurrence of industrial injuries;

The following policies and procedures have been initiated and introduced since the establishment of the function:

  • Policy on Partnership in the field of IS, LP;

  • Industrial safety and labor protection management system;

  • Provision on departmental control of working conditions ;

  • Provision on evaluation in the field of IS, LP during the selection of contracting organizations;

  • Provision on conduction of trainings, instructions and knowledge assessment of workers on IS, LP;

  • Provision on turns of duty on weekends and during holidays;

  • Provision on the Department;

  • Provision on safety signs and color coding;

  • Job descriptions, specialty instructions based on the types of work;

Engineers of IS, LP, CD and ES departments conduct checkups on a daily basis to verify compliance with labor protection and industrial safety rules in the operation field by employees ofthe Company and employees of contracting organizations, conduct briefings, training on IS, LP for employees, and check technical condition of equipment and its operability to make sure it is in compliance with the requirements of the legislation.