Oil and Gaz enterprise Congress

2 october 2023

The first congress of independent oil producing and oil refining enterprises in the history of Kazakhstan was held on the fourth of august 2023. This is another memorable date for the Kazpetrol Group team and our colleagues in the oil and gas industry, because... 61 companies out of 85 existing oil producing enterprises (OPEs*) took part in it. In other words, 70% of all, which indicates an urgent need to talk directly with government agencies about daily issues and about those that arise during increasingly frequent global crises.

Thus, over 5 years, the decline in production volumes from NDOs occurred by 17%, which is 255.4 billion tenge in taxes and payments lost by the country, and companies received a shortfall of 181.5 billion in profits in 2022 due to the prevailing share of oil supplies to domestic market, because the issue with export supplies continues to be acute, therefore oil workers do not receive the planned foreign exchange earnings to equip the fields with the necessary expensive equipment and resolve other urgent production issues.

* NDO – more than 43 thousand employees and 2.4 trillion in tax revenue for 2020-2022.



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