Association of Legal Entities (ALE) Union of Subsoil Users of Kazakhstan (USUK)

28 july 2020

Association of Legal Entities (ALE) Union of Subsoil Users of Kazakhstan (USUK)

In March 2020, during the triple crisis, KZPG entered the ALE USUK.

Why ALE SNK? Because KZPG and USUK shared the vision, the mission, goals and objectives.


Creation of an independent, transparent and effective system of regulation of subsoil use in the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing its members with equal access to the market and protection of their rights and legitimate interests. The Union is a unification of efforts in the field of subsoil use for the effective introduction of entrepreneurial activity and providing conditions for the rational use of mineral resources in Kazakhstan.


  • Formation of a single information space by collecting, systematizing and disseminating information in the field of subsoil use, maintaining a website for subsoil users.

  • Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the members of the Union by developing and making amendments to regulations on subsoil use, ecology and taxation of subsoil users.

  • Ensuring productive communication between the members of the Union and coordination of their activities related to the study, production, sale of minerals, products and services produced or provided by the members of the Union. Exchange of experience and implementation of the scientific and technical potential of the Union members in the development and implementation of advanced technologies and equipment corresponding to the world scientific and technical level.

  • International cooperation with the countries of near and far abroad in order to exchange experience and establish bilateral mutually beneficial relations, create a positive image of the country to attract investment.


  • Representation and protection of the interests of the members of the association while working with state authorities and other organizations.

  • On the basis of proposals from the members of the Union and by joining all kinds of consultative and advisory bodies, enjoy the right of legislative initiative on issues of subsoil use, taxation of subsoil users, ecology, etc.

  • Analysis of information in the field of subsoil use to develop recommendations for members of the Union.

  • Assistance in finding partners, investors, mutually beneficial cooperation, financial resources.

  • Access for members of the union to the resources and services of the union.

In April of this year, USUK and 4 Kyzylorda subsoil companies KZPG, South Oil, KOR, KTS prepared and sent two letters to the government and relevant ministries, took part in the ZOOM conference with the Ministry of Economics, and also published an open appeal to the government through the media: Forbes, Kursiv, and the Information Bureau ( 

The open appeal caused a certain resonance in society and in the government, as a result of which the second ZOOM conference was organized with the Minister of the Ministry of National Economy and the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Energy, in which, together with the Kyzylorda companies, 16 oil companies from Atyrau, Aktau, and Aktobe took an active part.

Currently, the compilation of factual data on small and medium-sized oil companies in Kazakhstan continues its work in order to discuss and resolve problematic issues in the oil and gas industry.


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