New Year celebration 2023

18 january 2023

Celebration of the New Year 2023 by the employees of KAZPETROL GROUP LLP.

The HR team of KAZPETROL GROUP LLP seeks to develop and strengthen the team spirit of the company through various team building events. Such events are aimed at the formation of a cohesive team, in which the actions of each participant complement and enhance each other's productivity. In a well-built team, roles are correctly distributed, everyone is in a favorable position to reveal their potential.

So, in December 2022, we held New Year's team-building event for our field employees on the territory of the shift camp. At the request of the employees, who especially liked the team building format for the Oilman's Day (Goldberg's Machine), we organized a New Year's event in the same creative format. The event was aimed at strengthening not only the team spirit, but also the development of technical skills and creativity.

The participants were divided into several teams, worked out team skills and interaction in the process of creating a bright, New Year's art project, and participated in various New Year's competitions.

Team members received a set of products, parts and materials that were required to create a New Year's architectural project. Following the instructions that they received, the teams created their project from the available materials.

This type of activity contributes to the formation of new neural connections, because the brain changes under the influence of new experience. In an effort to efficiently spend energy and optimize actions, the brain creates so-called programs or patterns, according to which it habitually acts - stable neural connections. They allow us to perform a number of actions automatically. And neuroplasticity (the formation of new neural connections) allows you to effectively adapt to changes. By training the brain through new experiences, you can improve its functioning, cope with stress and achieve a lot in personal development.

During the festive event, our employees effectively spent time, namely:

1.       They built such famous sights of world cities as the Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal in Agra, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Botanical Garden in Singapore, the White House in Washington, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Big Ben and Tower Bridge in London, Sagrada Familia (Temple of the Holy Family) in Barcelona, and, at least for 2 hours, became a team of architects of the most beautiful buildings of the world.

2.       We learned how to properly build the process of creating a structure, dividing it into stages and distributing roles among team members.

3.       Worked on developing presentation skills. In addition to the assembly of architectural structures, the teams, represented by the captain, had to make a presentation of their project and carry out an association with KAZPETROL GROUP LLP.

All teams did an excellent job with their tasks, showing their cohesion and creative approach. All built models of world sights were presented to the employees of the field and became a beautiful decor in the camp buildings.

New Year's corporate evening.

At the end of December 2022, our company gathered for the long-awaited New Year's Eve in honor of the celebration of the new year 2023.

At the beginning of the year, as part of the loyalty program, we reward our employees with awards and gifts, depending on the number of years worked in the company - 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. In 2022, for the first time, we awarded our veterans in the category "15 years of work in the Company". These employees were at the origin of creation of "KAZPETROL GROUP" LLP.

The wonderful experience of last year's New Year's event did not leave anyone indifferent. This year, the management decided to change the theme of the evening to "Musical greetings based on movies from different countries".

Each team enthusiastically started preparing a month in advance. Our teams represented such countries as Kazakhstan, Russia (USSR), USA, Great Britain, Turkey, Georgia, France, Italy. The competition was successful - all performances were colorful and cheerful, with magnificent costumes, a sense of humor, a high level of artistry and even dangerous tricks. It seemed that every performance deserves the main prize. It was nice to see that there are so many talents in our team!

All employees actively participated in all competitions held by the host of the evening, as well as by Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

It was especially nice to see the joy of employees when receiving prizes during the lottery.

The main highlight of the New Year's evening was the performance of our corporate vocal-instrumental ensemble "Kazpetrol Group", which includes General Director - E.K. Tazabekov, Technical Director - T.K. Abibullaev, Deputy Chief Tax Accountant - D.D. Baynazar, Head of IT - V.Zh. Ustarmagatov, and Head of Office Administration - K. K. Anuarbek, under the direction of artistic director Turovsky V.A.

We wholeheartedly thank the management for the magical holiday, all employees of the Company for their active participation, and the team of the HR department for the excellent organization.


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