High Tech Academy

25 february 2021


"The ‘punishment cell’ like system in schools is no longer relevant, we need completely different spaces and mentors so that in the future our children can win the 'war' with computers."    Erkin Tatishev

It is very difficult for us to imagine a person, who lives in a civilized world, without education, since education has always been, is and will be the engine of life. Well, school education is the basis of everything, and the stronger it is, the easier for people in the future. People enter schools as a small child, and leave it as a developed, intelligent person. The quality of education at schools has always been a concern for both the government and the parents, this is what people always pay great attention to when choosing a school for their children.

Today we would like to share very good news – the opening of a new school in Almaty – High Tech Academy (HTA), which is a personal project of Erkin Tatishev.

HTA is a private, innovative school with a unique, project-based curriculum, whose mission is to nurture generations, who are willing to become lifelong learners, and work together to tackle complex challenges.

The learning process at High Tech Academy is based on hands-on learning, with the problems and needs of the real world. Projects at HTA are interdisciplinary, which contributes to the creation of an interesting and meaningful final work.

Students are involved in solving problems that are important to themselves, to their teachers, and to the real world outside the school.

Values ​​of the innovative school:

•         Liberty;

•         Awareness;

•         Courage;

•         Responsibility;

•         Development;

•         Kindness;

•         Respect.

The building itself and the interior of the school are completely different from our regular schools in regard to its modern design and layout. Everything necessary for the full development of children in all directions is in place and of high quality. We can say with confidence about the High Tech Academy: The future is already here.




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