Corporate Tournament KZPG 2023

1 november 2023

Autumn of this year turned out to be very hot for our company – both literally and figuratively.

In September, we took part with a more expanded team in the Tournament in Zhitigara. Our company band successfully performed in front of the Kusto community and conquered the love and recognition of colleagues from other Kusto projects.

In October, we launched our internal tournament in 7 different sports. Tournaments in two types were held in the city and the next week we took part in a bright and full of fun event organized by the HR department, dedicated to Oilman’s Day.

Charged with positive emotions, we continued our sports competition in the remaining five sports on the territory of the shift camp.

This is our fourth tournament in the history of the company, and this year we decided to dedicate it to the memory of our colleague Bekzat Krekesov.

Undoubtedly, a tournament of any complexity evokes feelings of rivalry and competition, but in the long term, our event works for unity and strengthens team spirit.

Undoubtedly, all the games were intense and exciting. Exceptionally memorable were the team games, in which the rivalry reached its peak. Football and volleyball have become real battles for victory.

The tournament will definitely stay in the memory of all participants as a bright and positive event. It was not only a time of competition, but also an opportunity to strengthen team spirit and support each other on the path to success.

Our employees actively took part in all sports and achieved excellent results. We are proud of our colleagues who not only demonstrate a high level of professionalism in the workplace, but also achieve impressive results in sports competitions.

The Kazpetrol Group teams, Galaz and K, and colleagues from service companies OSS, KBS, Kulan S., showed positive results, their resilience, perseverance and desire for success serve as a role model for everyone else.

They are the best exemplifiers of how sport can influence the motivation and energy of our employees.

We value physical activity as a key aspect of the health and well-being of our employees.

We are proud of our team, which not only copes well with work tasks, but also finds time to play sports. This helps them maintain physical fitness, increase and maintain personal energy, and even improve productivity at work.

Sport is not only about health, but also a great opportunity for team spirit and cooperation.

Our team proves this with its achievements in various competitions. Together we become even stronger! The special significance of this sports competition is that it was held in memory of Bekzat Krekesov, a man who always strived for the highest results and motivated those around him by his example.

This event was not only an excellent way for Kazpetrol Group employees to show their activity and sports skills, but also to recharge their energy for a whole year of work.

Results of the competition by category:

1. Bowling

4th place: Akisheva Asel –  Kazpetrol Group

3rd place: Alibaeva Sholpan –  Kazpetrol Group

2nd place: Kenbaeva Aigerim – Kazpetrol Group

1st place: Bilalova Akbota – Kazpetrol Group

2. Billiards

4th place: Myrzagali Aslan – Kazpetrol Group

3rd place: Kim Victor – Kazpetrol Group

2nd place: Muratbai Gani – Galaz & K

1st place: Kopbaev Erdaulet – Kazpetrol Group

3. Athletics

4th place: Alibaeva Sholpan – Kazpetrol Group

3rd place: Bilalova Akbota – Kazpetrol Group

2nd place: Akisheva Asel – Kazpetrol Group

1st place: Nazarova Dinara – Kazpetrol Group

4. Chess

4th place: Amanzhol Daulet – Kazpetrol Group

3rd place: Elemesov Zhanserik – Kazpetrol Group

2nd place: Ruslan Rakhmanberdi – Kazpetrol Group

1st place: Kim Victor – Kazpetrol Group

5. Table Tennis

4th place: Nurzhan Zholmanov – Kazpetrol Group

3rd place: Muratbai Gani – Galaz & K

2nd place: Kulbarakov Ansagan – Orda Stroy Service

1st place: Akimbay Alisher – Kulan Security

6. Volleyball

4th place: Kazpetrol Group Office Team

3rd place: Orda Stroy Service

2nd place: Kazpetrol Group Shift

1st place: Kulan Security

7. Football

4th place: Orda Stroy Service

3rd place: KZPG office

2nd place: Kulan Security

1st place: KZPG shift









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