Address from General Director

19 march 2020

Dear colleagues,

One of the main priorities of the “KAZPETROL GROUP” LLP functioning is labor safety and sanitary conditions for its employees. The most important valuable capital of the company has always been, is and will be the company staff.

Given the situation with COVID-19 in the country and around the world, we have taken a number of preventive measures:

1.     On March 16, Order No. 39 was issued, where we notified employees that:

a.      All business trips to be canceled, both to foreign countries and within the country;

b.     All corporate events of a mass nature to be cancelled;

c.      All trainings and development activities to be suspended;

d.     A flexible schedule for office employees is introduced;

e.      At least 50% of office employees are transferred to remote mode;

2.     At the checkpoints (PPC) on the entrance to the Contract Territory (CT) or to the office and during the working day, a check out for high temperature will take place;

3.     In addition, the purchase of additional portable thermal imagers for measuring body temperature is under process;

4.     On the CT there is an isolation room at the first-aid post, equipped for examination of employees and temporary accommodation until an ambulance comes, in case of signs of infection;

5.     Production personnel in the CN are provided with additional personal protective equipment;

6.     An enhanced disinfection regime has been introduced in all common areas (canteen, rest, toilet rooms, etc.) and on official vehicles. Wet cleaning and airing are carried out every two hours. Company service buses are processed before and after each transportation;

7.     On the CT and in the offices of the company, wall-mounted dispensers have been installed for hands cleaning with antiseptics. There is a monthly supply of disinfectants for cleaning rooms and hands of employees, personal protective equipment – masks, respirators, gloves;

8.     An enhanced access control regime has been announced on the Contract Territory;

9.     Massive corporate events are canceled or postponed to the second half of the year;


In case of symptoms of COVID-19 disease, you must contact the medical institution at the place of residence. Detailed information can be found at: .

In this case we strongly recommend that you stay home and immediately consult a doctor with the subsequent opening of the sick leave until full recovery.

General recommendations of company management:

  1. Reject trips abroad;

  2. Reject to visit crowded places;

  3. Adhere to the general rules of sanitation and hygiene rules that will help minimize the risks of infection with the virus: wash your hands with soap more often, wash your hands with alcohol-based antiseptics, do not touch your face and throw away tissues after use, wear masks;

  4. Stop handshakes, kisses, hugs and other forms of physical contact with each other.

The number of infected in our country at the moment is not so large and the main task of our government today is to prevent the mass spread of the virus in the country, and in this matter it is important to understand the role of each citizen – you and me. It is important to understand the seriousness of the situation and to be responsive to the recommendations. We must show high civic responsibility, both to ourselves and to society.

I wish everyone to stay healthy, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

General Director


Toguzbaev B.K.


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