Season’s greetings from colleagues

19 january 2021

New Year holiday is the most beloved and long-awaited holiday for all of us. We all expect something magical and joyful to happen and that the coming year will certainly be much better than the previous one. For many, the New Year is a real fairy tale.

Celebration of the New Year has been an integral part of the corporate culture for a long time now. This is a great chance to meet with your colleagues in an informal setting, express wishes to each other, spend a great evening with colleagues with delicious food, feel like a child and take part in various competitions, and, of course, receive gifts.

However, this year everything was different for us. The outgoing year was a real test for the whole world: due to the coronavirus pandemic, all borders were closed; all celebrations and all public events were canceled; more than 50% of colleagues worked remotely.

And we, due to the quarantine, had to cancel all planned corporate events, including the New Year's celebration. By the end of the year, we were all pretty tired of restrictive measures, and the mood of the people was far from festive. Therefore, our company decided to brighten up our everyday life and announced a competition for the most creative and fun video with season’s greetings. The winners were selected by a competent and fair jury, which included the CEO and directors of the finance and production departments.

By the decision of the competent jury, the following prizes were awarded:

1.      The first place prize was awarded to the Procurement and Marketing teams;

2.      Second place prize to the HSE and Environment protection teams;

3.      The third place prize was taken by the team of the Finance Department.

4.      The Audience Award went to the GR&PR team;

5.      All participants received encouragement prizes.

All works were distinguished by their originality and creativity. We are sure that watching these videos with greetings put a big smile on your faces and awarded pleasant feelings, and some even caused laughter.

In this news release, we decided to share some screen shots from the videos with the general public. Happy New Year! Let the New Year be different from the previous one: may it be full of positive and happy moments, victories and achievements!





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