Corporate Social Responsibility

10 april 2020

In medicine, there are two the most important remedies – a doctor and a nurse.

According to modern international concepts, nurses are the group that systematically provides individual and high quality care to patients.

They are the ones who, along with doctors, take care of our health, putting their heart and soul. The role and importance of nurses during world-wide pandemic has increased significantly, as they are at the forefront and risk their health in order to save our lives.

Our company, KAZPETROL GROUP LLP, decided to thank the nurses, who are on duty day and night, working at the posts of the city of Kyzylorda and the Kyzylorda region, by allocating 100 000 tenge to every nurseю The list of nurses has been provided by the Regional Health Department. The money in the amount of 12 000 000 tenge to 120 nurses has been transferred today to their personal bank cards for their dedicated work and stamina in these difficult for the whole country time.

We urge our colleagues – people working in the sphere of oil & gas, and other spheres of economy, businessmen of the Kyzylorda region, to provide financial assistance to the medical workers of the region.

They left their children and their families to provide all possible assistance in the fight against the virus. So let us do all possible we can do – provide financial support to these fearless people, the heroes of our time, who are now at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic!


* The pictures of Iranian artist Alirez Pakdel have been used in the article.


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