4 january 2019

Charity is a system of giving money, food, or help free to those who are in need because they are ill, poor, or have no home. The main feature of charity is the voluntary choice of the type, time and place, as well as the content of assistance. The social assistance to children exists in any, more or less developed, society.

Children need charity more than anyone. This is all because they need help with absolutely everything, it is the provision of food, clothing, medicines, means of rehabilitation. Of course, it is great when the child has a loving family and parents who will always provide him/her with education, development, support and training, all necessary support to successfully enter into adulthood. Nowadays, there are many cases when parents abandon their child. The reasons for this are different: material problems, asocial lifestyle of the parents, severe illness, disability or disease of the child.

In December 2018, the management of our company made a proposal to announce a fundraising for gifts to children with problems among the company's employees on a voluntary basis. 24 employees of the company volunteered to make a donation – the approximate amount of one working day salary. As a result, 273,000 (two hundred seventy-three thousand) tenge was collected.

It was not an easy task for us to define the institutions and forms of assistance. We did not want to simply transfer the money, since there was no 100% assurance that the funds would be used for their intended purpose. Therefore, we decided that we would buy presents ourselves. Also, we did not want to buy Christmas gifts, as these days the children received them enough. And the decision was made to purchase the goods that are always in high demand for children: personal hygiene products and clothes that quickly worn out, as well as toys for development.

We found out that the institution for homeless children named after Makarenko had been disbanded and transferred to a family-type Children's Village. There, in 7 houses, live 46 children aged 5-18 years. We also chose the Children's Psychoneurological Boarding School, where 123 children of school age are being raised. Not all of them are orphans, there are those who have parents who take them home on weekends and holidays, and the Baby House, where children under 5 are raised. Before buying gifts, we talked with the employees of these institutions to buy exactly what the children needed most.

Aigerim Kenbaeva and Dinara Nazarova volunteered to purchase and deliver gifts, for which we are very much thankful!

We interviewed our colleagues who took active part in this project.

Dinara Nazarova: For a family-type orphanage, we bought 46 gifts — a gift for each child, various educational toys, gift sets for different ages, we bought warm socks, underwear in the LK Waikiki store, hygiene items for adolescence. We had the opportunity to communicate with several children, in general, they are friendly, smiling and very sociable. The children were grateful for the gifts and were very pleased.

In the children's psycho-neurological boarding school, where 123 students study, and in the Babies' House, where children under 5 are brought up, not only children, but also methodologists, nurses, educators, all were very pleased with our visit and our gifts. We chose gifts for pupils of the orphanage together with their methodologist, and took toys for the development of motor skills. The caretaker of the boarding school was most pleased with personal hygiene products – they always have a shortage with this product, especially soap and massage oil. The orphanage team thanked us for our attention and wished all our staff prosperity.

For the Baby House, we purchased 3 different walkers of very good quality, 2 mats, 2 donkeys, diapers of different sizes, shampoos, soap, creams, Johnson baby oil and other personal care products and clothes.

For me personally, it was a significant experience. All the time I was thinking about these deprived children, who have no relatives, who lack care, warmth and love. On the night after our visit, I could not fall asleep for a long time, even though we did a good deed, but I still had an impression that I didn’t do enough. The mere thought that children are being brought up here, abandoned by their parents, caused me pain.

I am very pleased that our company and management pays due attention to such vital issues as helping orphans. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the project.

Aygerim Kenbaeva: For me, this was the first volunteer experience – it was very interesting to choose gifts, trying to select the most necessary and useful things for children.

I had a lot of impressions, from pleasant tiredness to excitement. Especially I had an overwhelmed feeling when we visited the Baby House. The idea itself that these children begin their life journey without the love and care of their relatives seems to me unfair. It is really sad that there are children who are being abandoned by their parents in our society. For me, every child deserves love and care.

I was very impressed by the children from the “Atameken” Family Type Children's Village - in spite of the difficulties of life, they did not lose their love for life and kindness to the world around them. The guys are very capable, intelligent and grateful. They were very happy to get the gifts and were emotional when showing their appreciation.

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to contribute to such an important action. I am proud that I work with such sensitive non-indifferent people. Happy New Year everyone!

From the editors would like to note that Aigerim and Dinara not only donated money, but also spent about 6 hours on this project. We truly appreciate your contribution to the project! Thanks to such caring people, our society is getting better.

We are grateful to all our employees who supported the initiative. Without your support, the project would not have come true. One is not a warrior in the field, only together and in cooperation we can achieve positive changes both in business and in community. We wish you happiness and prosperity!